Treat, But No Trick! Pumpkin Ghost Coming, Don’t Blink In the Evening!

With Halloween around the corner, GeekShare will release a series of Halloween-themed products, and now a Halloween-themed product has been available -  🎃👻GeekShare Pumpkin Ghost Thumb Grips.🎃👻


The orange and white colors take the monotony out of your Switch, and we've changed the stereotype by adding blush to them, which makes their appearance look even cuter.

🎃👻🎃👻Treat, but no trick!🎃👻🎃👻


Best of all, 🎃👻they can glow in the night, so you guys better not blink as the night comes!


Pumpkin Ghost Thumb Grips are only available for Switch/Lite/OLED, the others are not, if you want to configure these caps for your PS4/5 controller, then this is not feasible.

It's made of soft silicone material, which not only protects the analog stick from scratches and dust but also provides a better touch feel and will allow you to get a better gaming experience.

Dress up your Switch for Halloween! Don't forget to follow us on 🎃Twitter (geekshareplus) and 👻IG (geekshareplus) as we will announce more Halloween-themed products there!


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