The Most Adorable Ever! GeekShare Star Wings Carrying Bag

Before it all starts, one prediction is that the Star Wings bag will be another product that sells out in 2 days, so if you happen to see this, don't hesitate to buy it! Now you can take what you want and turn it into what you got!

🔗The GeekShare Star Wings Carrying Bag is definitely the most adorable ever! The plush exterior is sure to capture your heart! Pink is the main hue, with white as the accent color. Part of the eye-catching is the 3D wings, and the color choice echoes the Star Wings' protective case, combining yellow and white.

As for the appearance, instead of a regular rectangle, the shape of a cloud is as cozy as a cloud, and you can have both wings and clouds at once.


🔗GeekShare Stars Wings Silicone Protective Case is also currently OLED version available, but the regular Switch version is being restocked, need to be patient.

🔗GeekShare Cream Heart Thumb Grips are available, it and the Stars Wings protective case is a perfect match, pink grips, and protective case colors are consistent, and yellow grips play the role of embellishment, cute but not dull.

Can't wait to see your feedback ~


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