The Great Back-to-school Sale For Mr.Bear Carrying Ipad Bag

Now that the Back-to-school sale is underway, it's the perfect opportunity for students to buy what they need. In addition to some high-techs being needed, related accessories are also becoming more and more popular. If you need to buy a satisfactory Ipad bag, you can come to 🔗GeekShare.Com and get 20% off on Ipad accessories (10% off on others). 

GeekShare has launched a new white bear series Ipad bag - 🔗Mr. Bear Carrying Bag for Tablet. It is available in two sizes, 11 inches and 12.9 inches.

Mr. Bear Carrying Bag for Tablet is also impressive, a pure white design paired with a 3D white bear, and there are two blushes on the bear’s face which makes it more vivid.

In addition, the zipper and carrying handle are blue, which makes the whole bag less monotonous and more harmonious in color. The zipper heads are two snowflakes, the small ingenuity makes the whole design more unique.

This Ipad bag is made of a combination of PC hard shell material and ABS material, which can protect your Ipad from a hard crush. And this material is also easy to clean, if there are spots on it, you can gently wipe it with alcohol, it will become the same as the original.

Mr. Bear Carrying Bag for Tablet is not only ornamental but also practical. It is designed with triple layers inside, making full use of the internal space to accommodate Ipad-related items, including Ipad pencils, Air Pods Pro, USB cables, and so on, so you don't have to worry about wires twining.

In addition, GeekShare will also launch the Mr. Bear series of Switch bags this fall.

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