The Full Set Of GeekShare Star Wings Series Can Be Collected Soon

The GeekShare Star Wings case was a hit as soon as it went on sale and fans wanted to see more, so we've been enriching the Star Wings lineup. Now 🔗GeekShare Star Wings Mouse Pad is available.

The size (860mm * 390mm) is enough to take up a large portion of your desk. And it also magnifies more details of Star Wings, because the protective case is small, so we can't show more details, but only try to show the highlights. If the pattern on the protective case is a jewel waiting to be discovered by you before it blooms, the pattern on the mouse pad is the wings already spread out waiting to embrace you. The main color of pink, with yellow accents, so that the entire composition does not leave blank space, which is harmonious.

It can not only bring you aesthetic enjoyment but also bring you practical help. The back of the mouse pad is made of rubber, which can effectively prevent slippage and enhance friction, so it won't run around when you use it.

Other products of the Star Wings series are as follows.

GeekShare Star Wings Dock Cover

This one isn't available yet, but you can subscribe to GeekShare’s official site because the new product is only available on this website! Once it is available, you will be promptly informed.

🔗GeekShare Stars Wings Silicone Protective Case

🔗GeekShare Stars Wings Carrying Bag


🔗GeekShare Cream Heart Thumb Grips


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