The Best Back-to-school iPad Bag Deals For 2022

The new school year means that many new and returning students will be buying some expensive tech gadgets to prepare for class, one of the most popular of which is the iPad. Not only are they popular, but some Ipad accessories are also getting more attention. After all, expensive iPads will last longer under the protection of the iPad bag, which is the icing on the cake.

And now that the back-to-school sale is underway, you can buy related accessories at a lower price. From now until August 31st, you can get 20% off any iPad accessory you purchase at (10% off others). Recently, launched a new Ipad bag - Calico Cat Carrying Bag for Tablet

The first thing that catches your eye is a lifelike 3D cat head that looks like it's smiling at you. On the back is a cat head with a mustache to make it look cuter, and there are many cat footprints and small cheeses around.

 In addition, the zipper is not monotonous, it is a pendant made of two fur paw prints, which makes the overall package more harmonious.

This is designed for iPads 9-11 inches, so pay attention to whether your iPad will fit before placing an order. Combining PC hard shell with ABS material, this bag protects the iPad from accidental bumps, drops, or bends when inserted into a backpack or held in the hand.

Not only the outlook, but also the materials are attractive, the interior design is also reasonable, the three-layer design ensures that the compartment is large enough, and the extra mesh pockets and elastic segments provide the best flexibility for Ipad Pencil, Air Pod Pro, USB cable, etc.

If you place an order now, we will arrange the delivery as soon as possible and guarantee that you will receive this iPad bag within a short time. You can subscribe to to get more related details.

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