The 20% Off Deal From GeekShare Is Ongoing

The GeekShare generous deal is still going on, you can check out the 💝20% off products below💝, not only the new arrivals but also the previous hot-sale products, which have now been restocked.

🔗GeekShare Game Girl Crossbody Bag - 3 Colors

Before the GeekShare Star Wings collection was released, GeekShare Game Girl was a veritable hot sale, because it was too popular, the pink version was always out of stock, but now it has been restocked. Now blue, pink and purple are all in stock. If you place an order now, you can not only automatically enjoy 20% off, but also receive the product as soon as possible.

GeekShare Game Girl Bag is inspired by classic game consoles, customized personalized embroidery, ultra adorable and trendy. And also can be used as a purse. Just take the cutie on a go~

🔗GeekShare Moonlight Jellyfish Protective Case

For those purple maniacs, don’t hesitate to get it. GeekShare Moonlight Jellyfish Protective Case is a transparent case, the transparency can just reveal the color of the Switch console itself, but the pattern on the protective case can play the role of icing on the cake, so it is worth buying.

Moonlight and jellyfish complement each other and complement each other, blooming a fascinating color.

🔗GeekShare Illumination Seashell Game Card Case


This game card case will capture your heart, if not, take a second look~ the middle part displays your game cards and can hold up to 8 game cards. The border part is blue to purple color, and the transition in the middle is very natural, the gradient effect is always very dreamy. And the transparent part in the middle has some embellishments, we imitated the pattern of scallops, starting from the bottom and radiating all over the body, the stars at the top look like exploding fireworks.

Plus, it's magnetic, making it easy for you to save/pick up your game cards.

🔗GeekShare Rainbow Cloud Thumb Grips Storage Box

The storage box can hold about 16 thumb grip caps. It can satisfy most gamers, but if you are a maniac for grips, just one box may not satisfy your needs.

The simple design is inspired by the shape of a rainbow, but the colors we didn't exactly replicate because we thought some of the colors might be a bit jarring, so GeekShare goes with varying degrees of pink anyway. The two mini clouds at both ends not only make the overall look more coordinated but also enable it to stay firmly on your table.



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