Sweet Tooth! Gather Here To Check GeekShare Candy Party

The GeekShare Candy Party is here and it's in our Back-to-school sale, up to 35% off until September 10th. You've got plenty of time to pick out the products you want to buy.

🐰🍫GeekShare Candy Party Protective Case for Switch OLED

If you have a Switch OLED, and is a sweet tooth, then don't miss this one! It is available in two colors, brown and blue, so just buy it according to your preference.

The inspiration is chocolate, and when Joycon is on the console, it looks like a big block of chocolate, while the cluster in the center looks more like a wrapper. The two bunnies have fallen into a candy party and are surrounded by countless sweets, and all they need to do at this point is enjoy the sweetness.

If you want a complete kit for your Switch OLED, then check Candy Party Thumb Grips. 2 pieces of chocolate make the puzzle complete.

With a 15% off discount on new GeekShare products, this seems like a good option.

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