Start Your Low Tea With Cute Cup Bunny!

As a huge fan of animals, GeekShare is always experimenting with different elements and new styles. There are quite a few Switch accessories with bunny elements, and the 🔗GeekShare Plush Bunny Protective Case that is recently on sale is one of them.

The cute plush appearance has already made many fans topple over for it, but we are not satisfied with it. Now that the 🔗GeekShare Cup Bunny Protective Case for NS is available, we try to blend elegance and cuteness into it.

Life requires a sense of ritual, so GeekShare is trying to incorporate it into our products as well. The entire Cup Bunny case is a milk tea color, not conspicuously bright color, but full of image details. What catches your eye is the exquisite tea set with a rose print pattern that makes you feel like you are there, and there is a cute bunny in the cup waiting for you to enjoy. If you need a teaspoon🥄, don't worry, the little bunny waitress on the right has prepared that for you.

In addition, you can see that musical notes are floating in the air because there are two musicians bunny on either side playing for you.


Imagine sitting in a chair enjoying afternoon tea when you are tired, the sun and breeze touching your face, and the pleasant music filling your brain, this is the meaning of life.💗

If you are in a low moment, hope this cute 🐰Cup Buuny🐰 can heal you.

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