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GeekShare's new Switch case fits both the regular version and OLD version now and the case is transparent, which shows off the original console. 🌈Buy the GeekShare Penguin Seal set now and get 15% off!🌈
🐧GeekShare Penguin Seal Protective Case

As the name suggests, it consists of both penguin and seal elements, and in real life, they live together, and the bad news is that penguins are food for seals. It's a rule of nature that no one can interfere with, but GeekShare still wants to paint as good a picture as possible, with seals, penguins, and snowmen living happily together as friends on the ice, and penguins using their ingenuity to cut a hole in the ice so they can fish and find food.

During the six months of the polar night, when the shooting stars pass by, hope this peaceful scene will last a little longer.
🐧GeekShare Penguin Seal Thumb Grip Caps

The thumb grips are also the shape of penguins and seals, and we have tried to restore their real images as much as possible.


The grey and black intertwined little penguins are holding freshly caught food in their hands, ready to eat. The pure white seal is holding a seashell in its hand, because the shell is hard, it still needs to find a big stone and slowly smash the shell to do so.

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