Rainbow Cloud Thumb Caps Storage Box Makes Your Desktop More Unique

If you are a gaming enthusiast who owns a Switch, Xbox, or PS4/5, then you may have already boughten some related accessories to protect your console, but who would be satisfied with just one set? Many console owners may have purchased many good-looking thumb caps, these not only make their console look different, but the soft touch always gives a good gaming experience.

But too many thumb caps can also make the desktop look cluttered and sometimes even lose some of them, so to give your thumb caps a better place to go, GeekShare has released a new 🔗Rainbow Cloud Thumb Caps Storage Box.

The look is that of a rainbow, echoing your cute thumb caps, with a little cloud decoration underneath and a flat bottom to keep it firmly on your desk. There is an opening at the top, so you can just put your thumb caps in it, easy to use.


This storage box can hold about 16 thumb caps, which basically meets your needs, and if you have too many thumb caps, two Rainbow Cloud Thumb Caps Storage Boxes will solve all your problems!

Now come to GeekShare to 🔗buy the Rainbow box with code "cute", you will be able to enjoy 10% off, which means you can buy this cute storage box at a lower price, totally cost-effective!

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