Practicability and Fashion Combination - GeekShare Bracelet Carrying Case

The 🔗GeekShare Bracelet Carrying Case for Switch&OLED is the perfect combination of fashion and practicality, it's not just a Switch carrying case, it can also be your fashion item.

Less is more, we didn't design its appearance very exaggerated, but used the white color, which can match any of your clothes greatly, and we use brown as an embellish, if you want your outfit to echo with it, you can choose brown socks or hat, which will make your overall more harmonious, and show your ingenuity to others.

We use PU+EVA triple-layer composite material, which is lightweight and solid enough to effectively absorb external impact and provide protection for your Switch. This high practicality is enough for you to carry it as a going-out bag so that you can put your phone in it and effectively protect your phone from impact or other possible damage.

We configured it with two kinds of shoulder straps, one is brown acrylic, which you can carry in your hand or carry on your shoulder, which is not adjustable. The other is the leather crossbody strap, which is adjustable, you can adjust it to the best position according to your height.

But I prefer to use the acrylic bag chain alone, which gives the whole bag a more textured look.

As for practicality, its large capacity, it can hold up to 10 game cards, a Switch console, two Joy-Cons, and other accessories.

Another reason to buy it is that in today's era of fashion, the GeekShare will make you look special enough and not easily carry the same bag as others.   

It's not just luxury that completes fashion, GeekShare can make you stand out from the crowd!

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