Pay Attention! I’m Not Edible

Although this month is GeekShare's Christmas sale month, we are still working on releasing new products and now the cute 🔗GeekShare Jelly Bear Thumb Grips are available on our official website!

Attention! They are not edible, do not eat them by mistake because they are too cute! A set contains 4 grips and is 4 different colors, pink, blue, yellow, and green. So no matter what color case you have, these seem to go well with them.

Jelly Bear, as the name suggests, they look like gummy bears and we didn't just make a facial expression this time, but a whole mini bear, their hands are open as if they are welcoming you, and the round alone makes them look very friendly.

If you don't have a bear-themed case, you can also check out the 🔗GeekShare Bomb Bear Protective Case for OLED. it's transparent, but we still use pink and purple as an excess around the edges to produce a color gradient effect.

And the graphic element is the bear, the explosive gift that falls from the sky, the bear that rides in a hot air balloon and comes across the ocean to find you.

Of course, if you don't have a Switch OLED, you can check out other cases that interest you, whether you like one of Bunny, Kitty, Puppy, or other animals, you can find the type you like at 🔗GeekShare.




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