Nothing Better Than GeekShare’s Black Friday Sale Continuing

GeekShare's Black Friday sale is still going on, and you still have a chance to grab the 💟UP TO 60% OFF DEAL. If you still haven't decided what you need to buy, or if you already have enough Nintendo Switch cases, then you can check out the GeekShare Crossbody Bags, whether it's as a Switch bag or an everyday traveling bag, they're all suitable.

🐶GeekShare Toast Carrying Bag

If you own a puppy, then you may understand the unwillingness to leave it at home alone. Every time you leave, the puppy must crouch at the door and stare at you, it must also have the same feelings as you, or it may think "If I do not want those expensive toys, then you don't have to leave me, can always play with me!" Or "If I become a puppy toast, can I go to work with you?"

Based on this, GeekShare came up with the idea of designing a puppy toast. Our first consideration was a Switch case, but flat things never fully expressed our thoughts, so we decided to make this carrying bag.

The 3D, forelimbs, and hindlimbs all make it look like a real puppy, only hidden inside this toast bag.

From a distance, just like your puppy's open forearms waiting for you to hug it, more details, we also designed its tail on the back, it is known that the dog's tail up indicates that it is in a happy mood, this is the feeling we want to express.

🐱GeekShare x HEI Series Plush Carrying Bag

Luo Xiaohei is a cute little cat with a black body from the Chinese cartoonist MTJJ. The story of Luo Xiaohei is divided into two parallel worlds: "The Daily Life of LUOXIAOHEI" and "The Legend of LUOXIAOHEI". HEI is a fairy kitty who was adopted by Luo Xiaobai after being seriously injured by stealing the treasure.

As you can see, the outlook of HEI is definitely a fairy, its big watery eyes are looking at you.

🐱GeekShare JoJo Paw Carrying Bag

Everyone who sees it can't help but touch its "ears"! The furry appearance makes it look more like a chubby kitty, turning its back on us and thinking about its life~




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