New GeekShare Switch Case Can Bring You Back To the 1980s

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GeekShare is famous for producing cute game accessories, you can find any element of Switch, Xbox and PS5 protective cases here, such as kitty, puppy, bunny, and bear and so on. But we also want to cater to customers with different preferences, so we are constantly developing new styles, now here comes the retro style case - 🔗GeekShare Back to 1980s Protective Case.

We released two versions, suitable for OLED and regular Switch. and there are 2 colors are available, black and red, black is never goes out of style and versatile, and red has a more retro feel, reminiscent of the FC retro game console. well, sometimes it's a good experience to miss the passing time.

We did not use fancy patterns, is to imitate the shape of the retro game console, including the location and shape of the buttons. Well, if anyone has experienced that era, you can share your memory with us in the 🔗GeekShare Reddit Community.

Because of the retro style, we purposely designed the red&white color in an antique style, not pure white, but a slightly yellowish beige color, which makes it look more vintage and more able to bring people into the 1980s era.


🔗GeekShare Big-eyed Cat Thumb Grips

If you want to match the Back to 1980s case with suit thumb grips, this Big-eyed Cat Thumb Grips is commended.

The combination of black and beige does not stand out on the whole case, and the grips also mix kitty elements. As the surface is very small, there are a lot of restrictions, so GeekShare can only be creative in their expressions, thus creating a contrast, the small black cat seems to be fearless, while the other seems to be guilty, like being caught doing something bad.

If you have a cat, then their expressions seem very familiar. Imagine when you come home and find a mess in your house and you try to find out who is the “perpetrator”, just look at their expressions and everything will be clear. Because they are too simple to disguise, so the "perpetrator" must be the faint-hearted one ~

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