It's Time To Light Up The Night By Fireworks Bunny

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In fact, 🐰🎇GeekShare Firework Bunny Protective Case is not a new product but a previous one, she was a big hit when she first appeared and sold out quickly, only now the restocking is done and another new version has been released, so now it is available for NS and OLED.

Fireworks are displayed throughout Japan every summer, especially during the Obon holiday, which honors the spirits of ancestors. As part of the summer fireworks tradition, spectators wear yukata (summer kimono), visit outdoor food stalls, and play festival games throughout the evening.

To display fireworks in Japan is to launch each firework individually, allowing the audience to appreciate each one in its entirety. They take several shapes and forms, such as Niagara fireworks (because they light up from under bridges and resemble the famous falls). There are also more familiarly shaped ones, such as your hearts, adorable smiley faces, and even characters from well-known anime.

This festival also happens in the bunny world~ Bunnies are all wearing kimonos to gather together to enjoy the beautiful scene, which is a peaceful planet supposed to be.

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