Grab These New During GeekShare’s Black Friday Sale~

For all GeekShare fans to get the best value for their money, we've also released a lot of new arrivals during our Black Friday sale, which is probably the lowest price of the year, so it's worth it to buy your favorite GeekShare products during this period.

🐸GeekShare Matcha Froggy Protective Case for Nintendo Switch

This is the main color of the protective case is green, and the frog sweet master is inviting guests to taste its masterpiece, macarons, matcha rolls, cakes, and puffs. when the mood is not good, tasting sweet food is a good choice ~

🐸GeekShare Frog Button Caps

A set contains 2 grip caps and 2 button caps. To echo the original color of the Switch, the Froggy Thumb Grip Caps are blue-green in color, and to add a sense of cuteness, we also designed pink blushes for it. As for Axolotl caps, we use pink, which restores the color of the Axolotl in reality as much as possible. In reality, Axolotl comes in six colors (purple, black, yellow, red, green, and white).

It's so weird, the first time I saw the Axolotl, I thought it looked too much beyond my aesthetics, but after looking at it quite a few times, I was surprised to see that it is kinda of cute on the front unexpectedly. 

💜🐰Bunny Protective Case for Switch OLED

The GeekShare Plush Black Bunny Protective Case, which you should be able to imagine by its name, is a must-try if you have a Switch OLED.

We've got enough cute pink items, so this time it's black! The overall color is black, but to keep it from being too monotonous, purple is used as an accent color. Purple is usually associated with ambition, mystery, and magic. GeekShare also uses bunny elements, and with the combination of these, it's easy to see that an ambitious bunny is planning something big. And it's a one-eyed bunny with an eye patch and a broken heart image on that, so perhaps a conspiracy is about to emerge...

💜🐰GeekShare Dark Black Bunny Plush Carrying Bag

The fluffy touch feel makes you want to pet it. The two bunny ears are hanging down and the cute look makes it more than just a Switch bag, it can also be your everyday bag and it won't look out of place! Are you sure you don’t want to squeeze those cute ears?


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