GeekShare x Sanrio, Not Just A Daydream

GeekShare, as a professional gaming accessories brand, always believes that nature is always more precious than ambition. It is this almost pure temperament that has created our highly recognizable product undertones. And imagination, which allows us to glimpse the possibilities of our products in almost unrelated things. And use inspiration as a brush to paint them out vividly.

We are committed to creating pieces that satisfy our customers and we are constantly listening to our customers, which is why we have the Sanrio license, the Sanrio that be honored as "The Rise of Kawaii Culture"!


Cute Sanrio characters plus GeekShare's unique creativity equals a near-perfect piece of artwork, you can always have high anticipations for GeekShare.

Currently, the new GeekShare X Sanrio products are the Kuromi gift boxes, while Kuromi’s birthday is Halloween (October 31).

Kuromi is a character from the My Melody universe. She is My Melody's rival, and manifests as a white rabbit or imp-like creature wearing a black jester's hat with a pink skull on the front and a black devil's tail. The skull's facial expression changes to match Kuromi's mood.  She has become a popular character in the punk, scene, and goth crowds due to her appearance.


To celebrate her birthday, GeekShare prepared 2 gift boxes. There are the Artist Gift Box and the Painter Gift Box, with different products in boxes.

Artist Gift Box (For NS/OLED)

Max Bag*1

Tote Bag*1

Trading Card*1

Screen Cleaning Cloth*1

Protective Case*1

Thumb Grip Caps*4


Game Card Case(24 slots)*1




Painter Gift Box

Carrying Bag*1

Protective Case*1

Thumb Grip Caps*4

Trading Card*1

Screen Cleaning Cloth*1


There are also more designs including Cinnamoroll, My Melody, Pachacco, and some other famous characters that GeekShare has covered. Stay tuned~

However, these co-branded products are currently only available in mainland China, and customers are welcome to purchase them. Waiting for you anytime!

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I’m looking forward the Cinnamoroll version

Jacqueline Tejeda

hello! how do we purchase these? very interested to buy one


How can I purchase them from the US?

Meli Oseguera

I’m interested in items with Cinnamoroll. Can you share.

Michele hernandez

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