GeekShare Star Wings Max Carrying Case - Large Capacity Can Meet Your Needs

Wanna take your whole set of your Nintendo Switch at once, try the new GeekShare Max Case - GeekShare Star Wings Max Carrying Case. Since Star Wings usher in a new member, GeekShare also offers a great deal - 🌟Star Wings Collection enjoys 15% off with code “STARWINGS”.🌟

GeekShare has released 🔗Cat Paw cases before, which are also popular, after all, the main function of these bags is practicability.

GeekShare Max Cat Paw and Star Wings Max Bag are both designed with practicality in mind, the main strength is the large capacity, which can ensure the convenience of traveling. So instead of designing more exaggerated patterns, the Star Wings protective case features open wings guarding the crystal, while the 🔗Star Wings Max Bag's pattern is a variation on that, inspired by meteors.

The wing and stars guarding the crystal, passing through the sky, which explains why meteors are always fleeting, is for you to seize every opportunity to make a wish, but now that the meteor is in your hands, you should have a good mood every day.

As for the zipper part, GeekShare also uses the same meteor logo as the zipper head, which not only serves as a decoration but also makes it easy for you to open/close the bag.

The compartmentalized design on the inside will keep everything organized and well-protected for your full set of Switch. The section dedicated to storing game cards holds up to 16 cards, which is definitely enough if you are looking for a bag to take on a trip.

The stretchy mesh pocket can organize some charge cables so they're not in a mess. As for the console section, you don’t have to place them like this as shown in the picture. Because we have reserved plenty of places for all of them, you can arrange them according to your habits and preferences.



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