GeekShare Spring Sale Is Underway! Roaster Bear Mouse Pad Is Worthy Buying

The month-long Spring Sale is going on now and will last until 4.8! In addition to the 🔗GeekShare Sakura Cat Protective Case, which is 50% off, other products are 20% off. the following products are worth buying.

🔗GeekShare Roaster Bear Mouse Pad

This mouse pad is a new product from GeekShare. Although we already have a lot of pink products, when a new pink item is released, it still touches the hearts of fans. The pink color is perfect for the spring atmosphere. Chef Bear is preparing food for you, matcha rolls, doughnuts, sandwiches, sushi, etc. This is a flash sale of Chef Bear! If you come late, there may not be any food left.

And the mouse pad is not a regular rectangle, we've added a pair of bear ears on top of it, which adds a touch of cuteness to it.

🔗GeekShare Party Puppy & Winter Bear Protective Case for Switch OLED

Party Puppy

The light pink color makes the whole thing look very creamy, the cute puppies are having a party, whose birthday is it?

Winter Bear

Although the bears are wearing thick clothes to enjoy hot tea indoors, the light blue color as the main color makes this case unexpectedly suitable for summer. As the summer will come, you can give it a go.

🔗GeekShare Jelly Bear Thumb Grips

Jelly Bear Thumb Grips are already in stock! When it debuted, which always sold out because they were so cute, they are now available and at 20% off they are well worth it.

Also, join the 🌈📣GeekShare FB Group 📣🌈now and we'll announce two people who get free-of-charge service on the 18th! Maybe you'll be one of the lucky dogs!



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