GeekShare’s New Service Announcement

To better protect the rights of our customers, GeekShare has decided to provide a more comprehensive service.

This service comes into effect on February 24, 2023.

If you have purchased products (limited to Switch cases and thumb grips) from GeekShare's official website since then, you will be able to enjoy a 6-month replacement service, which means that during this period, if your purchased Switch cases and thumb grips have quality problems, such as fading, abrasion, cracking, etc., you can contact our website directly and we will provide replacement service for you (One-time exchange).

If the exchange product is no longer available, you can choose the same-value product or a low-priced product.

We are committed to providing our customers with more perfect service and a better shopping experience. We will continue to work on this and build a greater GeekShare in the future.

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