GeekShare’s Black Friday Sale Is Coming!

GeekShare, as an original gaming accessory brand, has always been committed to providing better products for our customers. At present, we have also accumulated a lot of fans and always respond positively to their various requests to design more satisfying products. To thank our fans’ support, GeekShare always offers discounts on some special days, and now the Black Friday sale is coming soon.

Because we have also released many popular products recently, it is cost-effective to buy GeekShare products while the event is going on. 💝The Black Friday sale lasts from the 24th to the 30th, and all products on GeekShaare’s official site are included, some products may be up to 50% off.💝

🔗GeekShare Plush Bunny Protective Case

It's winter, it's all about the furry items to keep you warm! The material of the handle case is composed of silicone and plush, and the button surface is silicone, if all the plush, when you play the game will affect the game experience. The handle case is printed with bunny patterns, and the lively and lovely bunnies make the whole vibrant.

🔗GeekShare Play Game Crossbody Bag

The main color of the GeekShare Play Game Bag is white, while the part of the handle is a reference to the Switch, using pink and blue, considering the red and blue contrast of the Switch console is too strong, we ended up with a more gentle color, creamy pink and baby blue.

🔗GeekShare Ice Cream Cat Protective Case for Switch Lite

This is also a hot sale because GeekShare always designs cases for the regular Switch and OLED versions, so this case specifically designed for the Lite is a pleasant surprise for Lite owners.

🔗GeekShare Stars Wings Silicone Protective Case for OLED


Stars Wings, as the name implies, must not be missing the wing element on it, the main pattern in the middle is a 3D wings, which not only echo the overall, 3D design is non-slip, which can provide a good touch feeling when playing the game. The overall color is still pink, but to keep it from being too monotonous, we use yellow stars embellished.

Buy these between the 24th to 30th and you'll get a generous discount, may up to 50% off! You don't want to miss that. 🎀🎄By the way, buying Christmas-themed accessories during the Black Friday sale is great, because you can get your Switch dressed new for Christmas!🎀🎄

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