GeekShare Play Game Bag Is On The Way

Delighting our gaming life.

This has always been GeekShare's goal and we've been working towards it, starting with a focus on Switch accessories and now expanding into a variety of areas, including Xbox, PS4/5, and more. Even though the fields have been broadened, we still haven't neglected Switch users, and we are about to release a new Switch Carrying Bag - Play Game Bag.

The main color of the GeekShare Play Game Bag is white, while the part of the handle is a reference to the Switch, using pink and blue, considering the red and blue contrast of the Switch console is too strong, we ended up with a more gentle color, creamy pink and baby blue.

The location of the buttons of the pattern is also modeled after the Switch handle, so from the appearance of the Switch but GeekShare has fused its ideas on the original physical object.

As for the zipper, we used a rose gold color, the normal gold color will make the whole uncoordinated, rose gold is flushed with pink, which will blend well with the pink color, and for the zipper head we use a heart shape. And the bag strap is also adjustable, you can adjust the perfect length according to your height.

Not only did we spend time on the aesthetics, but we also did a lot of consideration on the practicality, the double-layer design allows you to carry not only the Switch but also other odds and ends when you go out, freeing your hands.

At the front of the bag, we used a transparent design, which allows you to show off your Switch protective case. In the picture, we used the 🔗GeekShare Greedy Bear Protective Case for Switch OLED. which is already available on our official website.

The light pink color is also special, it is not the common pink, it is repeatedly toned out by our designer, so it is very matching with Play Game Bag. the bear element makes the case even cuter, who can refuse cute bears who are like to eat burger and fries?

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