GeekShare Panda Toast Series~

GeekShare has released the GeekShare Panda Toast Thumb Grips before, the accompanying picture was not just a simple thumb grip, the Panda Toast Protective Case also made an appearance. Once the product image was released, many fans asked when the case would be available, and now the Panda Toast Protective Case is available for purchase on the GeekShare's official site!

🔗GeekShare Panda Toast Protective Case

The Panda Toast Protective Case is available in two versions, the regular Switch, and the Switch OLED.

The overall color of the case is butter alike because the panda chef is going to show off his skills, bread, omelet, coffee, and donuts have been made and will be served to the customers who are waiting in line. Welcome to Pandapan Bakery next time!

🔗GeekShare Panda Toast Thumb Grips

Because Panda Toast Thumb Grips are available early on, some fans may have already purchased them, so if you want to collect a set, buy the case now.

There are 4 thumb grips in a set, and if you accidentally lose 2 of them, there are spare ones for you to use. So be prepared to receive a wink from the cute panda!

Because the Panda Toast series is popular, after all, who can say "no" to a cute panda? GeekShare intends to produce more themed accessories then, so if you have a product you want, you can choose to leave a comment under any of the GeekShare social media platforms, and maybe what you want will become what you got!


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