GeekShare Moonlight Jellyfish Protective Case Is Back!

🔗GeekShare Moonlight Jellyfish Protective Case is not a new product, but the restock of previous products, because of the delay in restocking, so many fans seem to be unaware of it.

It is translucent, and although the overall color is purple, it will not cover up the original color of your Switch. This case is suitable for both the regular Switch and Switch OLED versions.🌙⭐

The main element is the jellyfish kitty, the world belongs to humans during the day, but perhaps it belongs to others at night. 🌙⭐Through the moonlight, you may see the "jellykitty" sneaking in here and even planting their planet's flag to swear their sovereignty. If you like to stay up late, then do not forget to look out the window in the moonlight, maybe you can see the real jellykitties~

The protective case is made of soft TPU material, so it is very easy to install and it can effectively protect your Switch from scratches.

🔗GeekShare Purple Planet Thumb Grips

These thumb grips and Moonlight Jellyfish Protective Case are perfectly matched and are in the same color scheme. And if you buy this set now, you can automatically get 10% off.



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