GeekShare Has Released The Fall Collection of Switch Accessory Sets

September has begun and fall is just around the corner for countries in the northern hemisphere, so it's time to change another style in some aspects, not only a change of outfit but also a few decorative changes. For those Switch owners, it's also a good chance to change into the fall style of your Switch with protective cases and thumb caps. For this reason, GeekShare shares some Switch accessory sets with a strong fall style.

Set 1- Kitty

🔗GeekShare Space Cat Protective Case


In the case are some kitty astronauts, some are picking stars, some are trying to observe the surrounding situation, and some superhero cats are busy saving the cat world. Brown color takes up a large part of the whole, which shows cat astronauts are busy welcoming the new season.

🔗GeekShare Milk Tea Cat Thumb Grips


The brown and white Milk Tea Cat Thumb Grips are a great match for the Space Cat case, and the silicone material provides a soft touch.


Set 2 - Doggy

🔗GeekShare Shiba Inu Protective Case


If you are a doggy fan, then don't miss this Shiba Inu Protective Case. There are many sushi and onigiri patterns in the background, and right in the middle is a plate with a Shiba Inu sushi on it, which is looking at you with a smile, who would refuse such a cute Shiba Inu?

🔗GeekShare Shiba Inu Thumb Grips


This thumb cap fits the image of a real Shiba Inu, the yellow one is making a face at you and the black one is smiling at you.

Set 3 - Bear

🔗GeekShare Mousse Bear Protective Case


This protective case is a dessert theme, which consists of cookies, cheese, doughnuts, etc., which will bring you a good mood, the cute bear cupcake is waiting for you to take it home!

Now you can buy these accessories ahead of time to welcome the fall season. If you have your ideas for your favorite set, you can make up your own, GeekShare can meet all your needs.




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