GeekShare Frog-themed New Arrival!

Another new GeekShare green-themed product has arrived. There were many pink products available during the spring sale a while ago, and to prevent aesthetic fatigue, GeekShare green products are here.

🔗GeekShare Froggy Protective Case for Switch OLED

Technically, this is not pure green but blend green elements. The theme is axolotl and frog, the pink color of the axolotl and the green color of the frog complement each other, there will be no strong contrast and contrast. The froglet is sitting on the body of the mother axolotl, a harmonious scene that is meant to be the most beautiful picture in nature.

The two images of the handles are the small heads of the axolotl and frog respectively, and they guard this happy scene together.

🔗GeekShare Matcha Froggy Protective Case for Nintendo Switch

This is the main color of the protective case is green, and the frog sweet master is inviting guests to taste its masterpiece, macarons, matcha rolls, cakes, and puffs. when the mood is not good, tasting sweet food is a good choice ~

🔗GeekShare Froggy Thumb Grip Caps

The thumb grips and the Froggy Protective Case are a nice match, a perfect color match.

If you're considering a new look for your Switch, take this set into your consideration, please!

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