GeekShare Christmas Gift Guide 4.0

GeekShare's Christmas sale is still going on, so if there's something you like, then hurry up and buy it. Although the promotion will last until the 31st but buy now, and you'll be able to get a new look for your Switch during Christmas. Buy early and enjoy early.


🔗Animal Fighter Sets

Protective Case

GeekShare is an animal lover, and we're good at finding the cuteness in animals. But with most accessories featuring only one animal element, we were worried that people would get aesthetically tired, so the Animal Fighters series came along. The main color is purple, but the patterns are colorful, a fight is about to take place, and rabbits, pigs, sheep, lions, and so on are waiting in the audience to watch. There is even a pink bear holding popcorn in its hands to enjoy the upcoming play.

Dock Cover

Also purple in appearance, with different animal heads on it, who will be the final winner?

Card Case

Similar to the size of a mini vanity mirror, it is very easy to carry, but its capacity is huge enough and can hold 12 game cards to meet your needs. When you go out, take it with you not only to save space but also to ensure that you carry enough game cards.


🔗Yogurt Cat Sets

Protective Case

Inspired by the yogurt box, we have incorporated the kitty element in a kiosk where the cat owner is drinking yogurt and waiting for customers to come. If I saw such a store on the road, I would want to be the first customer to visit. Who can say no to a cute kitten?

Card Case

Small in size, looks like a box of candy, easy to carry.

Mr. Bear Bag

Simple design, white is the main color, and the zipper part is blue, we did not use complicated patterns, only a 3D bear head, we also designed two blushes for it, so it looks even cuter.


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