GeekShare Christmas Gift Guide 2.0

GeekShare will also be updating the Christmas Gift Guide collection up to Christmas. And GeekShare's Christmas sale will also start on the 8th and will run until the end of December, during which time you'll get a generous discount on any set in the Gift Guide! Today's sets are listed below.


BOBO CAT Protective Case

As the name suggests, the main character of this case is the kitty who is a round little white cat. It is like leaning on the edge of the table trying to steal food when you are not paying attention.

BOBO CAT Thumb Grips

Because it is round and rolled, it is more like the pearl in the boba tea. We designed two expressions, one looks at you expectantly and waits for your feeding, and the other is a satisfied smile after eating snacks.

BOBO CAT Card Case

It can hold 12 game cards and is very easy to carry. If you go out and want to take Switch-related accessories out, don't forget to take the case with you! Not only can it save your space, but can also store your game cards very well.


🔗GeekShare Pixel Cat Protective Case

This is imitating the pixel game mode, which is a fantasy kitty world, where you can see the game player kitty, a superhero kitty that guards the world and the working kitty, and even the rapper kitty. When you use this Switch case, then it seems that there is also a cute kitty in the kitty world playing the game with you.

GeekShare Tamagotchi Thumb Grips

Just like its name, this grip is inspired by the electronic pet series. This and the Pixel Cat Protective Case together, are simply a cat game world. If you like cats, then come get your kitty.


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