GeekShare Catroller PS5 New Skin

As a brand that loves kittens, GeekShare is good at combining any gaming-related accessories with cat and kitten elements very well. Now the GeekShare Catroller has become one of the classic products, Cat and Controller combined come into Catroller, how creative!

🐱🐱GeekShare Catroller PS5 Skin🐱🐱

In the beginning, the pink color was released first, which is a fatal attraction for pink maniacs. In addition, there are 2 cat ears on the top of the handle, and the middle pattern is a sticker picturing a small kitty looking at you in front of the screen, inviting you to play the game. With the purchase of this skin, comes with two cute cat paw thumb grip caps.

Now GeekShare released more colors of it for you to choose, white, purple, and clear.

The skin is made of high-quality silicone, which can not only keep your controller safe but also provide a better touch and is ergonomic. The surface is designed with small grooves to optimize airflow, keep your hands dry, prevent slippage, and bring you a better gaming experience.

Fans who have already purchased have also given good feedback. If this is what you like, you can come to GeekShare to check it out and buy it now and you can enjoy 15% off.



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