GeekShare Catroller NS Pro Skin - 6 colors to choose

In addition to the regular Switch, OLED and LITE cases, GeekShare is now releasing the 🔗Catroller NS Pro Skin. If holding the NS is about convenience, then the Catroller is more about the gaming experience, and with that in mind, GeekShare is launching the Catroller NS Pro in 6 colors.

Pink is the most popular and there is another version - the 🔗GeekShare Catroller PS5 Skin, which was previously released and sold out quickly, is now available. If you have a PS5, then you might consider getting this.

Catroller NS Pro Skin is available in 6 colors, pink, baby blue, goose yellow, gray, light purple, and gradient purple. The other colors are as cute and practical as the other products. The gradient purple can be said to be eye-catching, and it will be very cyberpunk when paired with other elements of the same color.

There are not too many patterns, on the front, we got creative with the buttons and designed a kitten's face, which is a perfect blend. And on the back, there is a picture of a kitten sitting in front of the computer, who can say "no" to a kitten who invites you to play games?

At the holding part, there are many kitten paw prints, and on the back are two 3D cat paws, which show the cuteness and also play a good role in anti-slip, high aesthetics, and high practicality at the same time.

And if you want to equip your controller with more accessories, then 🔗GeekShare Cat Paw Button Caps and Thumb Grips are also suitable, and you can enjoy discounts when you buy the set now.


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