GeekShare Baby Shark Party Invite You To Come!

GeekShare's previous 🔗Jo Jo Paw series was very popular with fans, and now the GeekShare baby shark series is here! If you like to collect a whole set of game accessories, then don't miss this series.

🔗GeekShare Baby Shark Carrying Case for Switch&OLED


When it comes to sharks, people's impression of them seems to be fierce and aggressive, but when it comes to the baby shark, it seems to become cute in an instant. There is no doubt that this Baby Shark carrying bag is synonymous with cuteness.

The whole is a baby shark look, and we made 3D pectoral, dorsal, and tail fins, but we used a more rounded version to make them cute.

The overall is blue and white color, but for the mouth part, we used pink, which makes the baby shark more cartoonish and lovely, and the neat teeth make it look more lovable.

Another GeekShare feature is the zipper head, which is also a baby shark, making it not only ornamental but also practical. geekShare has equipped it with a removable shoulder strap to make it more portable, so you can take it out as a regular backpack.

The large capacity is sure to satisfy your needs, as it can hold a Switch console, two Joy-Cons, and other accessories, as well as 10 game cards.

🔗GeekShare Baby Shark Thumb Grips

This one is for Switch/OLED/Lite. It's also blue and white, with one being an innocent and cute baby shark, as if waiting for food, and the other being a cunning baby as if it has thought of a way to trick you and is waiting for you to jump into its "trap".


We will soon release a 🦈baby shark mouse pad🦈, big enough to occupy your table. You can subscribe to the GeekShare website so that once it is available, you will also be the first to know.

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