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GeekShare Alchemy Cat Case Is Back!

GeekShare Alchemy Cat Case Is Back!

Let's start with feedback. It's an honor for GeekShare to receive praise and we'll be working hard to design more satisfying products!

🔗GeekShare Alchemy Cat Protective Case is not a new product for GeekShare, but it has been very popular because it seems out of place among all the pink, cute, and dreamy cases, Switch equipping this case is a great way to show off your personality!

It used to fit only the regular version, but now we've designed a corresponding version for OLED as well.

The dark green color throughout sets it apart from other cases and better highlights the high-quality feel of its material. The elements are also far from cute, not just the cute kitty, but a kitty that knows alchemy, adding a mysterious sense to it.

In addition, the kitty is surrounded by some chemical props and reagents, there is a big project waiting for it to complete! Who wouldn't want to have an alchemist cat?!

GOD! a pet that can bring out gold is way too cool! If there are alchemy kitties in the world, I would rather go through all the difficulties and risks to find one, don’t let anyone stop me ~




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