From The Sky To The Ocean, GeekShare Will Try To Make Summer Never Ends

The GeekShare Summer Sale is still going on and will run until the 15th, up to 50% off. If you haven't decided which products you want to buy, you still have plenty of time to think about it, or you can check out the GeekShare Summer-themed products below.

🌊Shark Baby🦈

When it comes to summer, the ocean is where we belong, so as the shark baby. 

🔗GeekShare Shark Baby Protective Case

The GeekShare Shark Baby Protective Case is available in three versions, NS, OLED, and Lite, but the NS version is sold out at the moment.

Shark Baby takes us on a journey to the underwater world! When it comes to sharks, many people may be shocked by their large bodies, but GeekShare shows a harmonious underwater world, jellyfish, octopuses, and starfish are living in harmony with the sharks.

And the shark baby even became the octopus's ride, taking it on a wave ~

🔗GeekShare Plush Shark Baby Protective Case for Switch OLED

Currently Plush Shark Baby is only available in the U.S. Although there are many fans from other regions who love it, where currently unavailable for delivery due to warehouse inventory. It may be available worldwide in the future.

We'll let you know as soon as it's available for global delivery - after all, we understand that no one can refuse to pet the adorable little plush shark.

🔗GeekShare Shark Baby Thumb Grips

With one being an innocent shark baby, as if waiting for food, and the other being a cunning baby as if it has thought of a way to trick you and is waiting for you to jump into its "trap".


🔗GeekShare Shark Baby Carrying Case for Switch&OLED

🔗GeekShare Shark Baby Mouse Pad

🔗GeekShare Shark Baby &Seal Pup Hand Towel




✨Star Wings ɞɞ

Star Wings (Pink)

The GeekShare Star Wings collection has been a hot sale and has been receiving a lot of love from fans since the first product of the collection was released.

Now the pink version of the 🔗Star Wings mouse pad is available for pre-order, and we will start shipping it on July 15. The sooner you order, the sooner you will receive the goods, because we deliver the goods in order.

During GeekShare Summer Sale, collecting the whole collection is a wise choice.

If you want to buy other products from the Star Wings collection, you can check follows.

🔗GeekShare Stars Wings Silicone Protective Case &Dock Cover &Caed Case

🔗GeekShare Cream Heart Thumb Grips





✨Dark Star Wings ɞɞ

🔗GeekShare Dark Star Wings Protective Case & Dock Cover

The Dark Star Wings case has the same pattern as the Star Wings one, only the color has been adjusted, and now it's the Dark Crystal about to awaken~

Regarding the color scheme of the Dock Cover, we openly solicited fans’ opinions on IG before, and now this is the top choice voted by the fans. The black wings are still open wide, and the two stars next to it have been guarding it. The hanging sword is waiting for those who dare to come and open the door to the dark world.



🔗GeekShare Dark Star Wings Mouse Pad

The Dark Crystal is guarded by the wings and awaits your arrival~



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