Enjoy Summer Vibes! Follow GeekShare Dive Into The Sea

GeekShare will always seek to make it summer for you, now just follow us to dive into the sea where the crab and jellyfish live. Previously 🦀GeekShare Crab Thumb Grips is already available, and now the GeekShare protective case of the same collection has been released, so if you haven't equipped your Switch with a set of accessories, you can check this out.

🦀GeekShare Crab&Jellyfish Protective Case

The GeekShare Crab&Jellyfish Protective Case comes in two versions, for NS and OLED, because some fans had previously given feedback that GeekShare had too many OLED cases and wanted more regular version cases, now GeekShare is doing its best to design two versions of each case. Now GeekShare tries its best to design two versions of each case so that more fans can reap the satisfaction of the case.

This Crab&Jellyfish Protective Case is transparent, adding more color to the Switch console without hiding its original look.

Just follow the crab and jellyfish dive into the sea world, this does not seem to be a peaceful scene, the eye-catching is a fish hook, here is about to usher in a "war". They certainly won't take the bait easily and become human food. Crab and jellyfish are discussing how to deal with the situation, while jellyfish have no brain physically, so they can only be the assistant to convey information, while there are a group of birds at sea to inform them, the crab can only be the decision maker. This time, will they save the day?

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