Buy GeekShare NS Pro Skin, and Get Freebies!

GeekShare ushered a new product for NS Pro! GeekShare Sugar Bear NS Pro Skin is also added to the GeekShare Back-to-school sale, 20% off, if you are looking for suitable accessories for your NS Pro, check this on GeekShare!

The 🐻🧸GeekShare Sugar Bear NS Pro Skin is a new arrival, but more products from the same collection of Sugar Bear will be released later, so stay tuned. The skin is available in 5 colors, pink, brown, turquoise, purple, and black, and with the purchase of the skin, you get a free sticker, and two thumb grip caps, which means you get a full set of NS Pro accessories, you can DIY your own NS Pro with the sticker.

GeekShare's products have always sought to balance aesthetics and practicality, and this Sugar Bear NS Pro Skin is no exception, with 3D bear ears on the exterior to grab your sight at first glance.

And according to the distribution of the middle buttons, we reasonably utilize and design a bear face. On the part of the holding part, we use various shapes of grooves to increase the friction, so that it is not easy to slip from your hands, and the two raised paws on the back are designed for the same purpose.

We will give you 2 thumb grip caps, also from the same collection, more like gummy bears, so be careful! Don't eat them by mistake because they are so cute~


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