Be A Part of This Amazing GeekShare Back-To-School sale! Up to 35% Off

We can't wait to have you around! GeekShare's annual Back-To-School sale is coming up again, this time 💥it'll start on the 15th and end on September 10, with Up to 35% off💥, you'll have plenty of time to get your fancy products and we might even have new arrival during that time. So stay tuned!

🐰🍊GeekShare Orange Bunny Controller Carrying Bag

Bunny power, unstoppable and cute!!! It will be 20% off during the back-to-school sale.

While bunnies and carrots are made for each other, bunnies and oranges can be a dazzling pairing, and GeekShare has combined their best parts nicely in the adorable Orange Bunny. With the orange look, but retaining the bunny face and ears, it's a consummate incorporation. The customized zipper head is also GeekShare style as always, this time a small orange zipper head.

Although the bag is cute and easy to carry, there is a large capacity inside for you to carry the controller and related accessories, and the built-in fixing strap holds the controller in place for good protection. And come with a hand strap, easy for you to travel with, just hold it in your hand.


💸💸NOTE: To let more people know about GeekShare, we need your help!

If you post pictures of GeekShare products on social media with a link to the GeekShare Official Site( and send us a screenshot of it, we will give you a $8 gift card~

We look forward to receiving your share!


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