Allodoxaphobia? Come GeekShare To Buy Mystery Box (NS/Lite Protective Case)


If you are an NS or NS Lite owner and want to equip them with protective cases now, then you can come to GeekShare to choose, an original brand and reliable seller. But since GeekShare offers cases with different elements, some buyers may have a hard time picking the one they like the most, so this is the time we recommend you buy 🔗Mystery Box for NS/Lite Protective Case!


This Mystery Box includes two random cases that we promise are different. Both cases are selected from all GeekShare cases and must be brand new. So, this Mystery Box is a surprise.

And, buying Mystery Box now is a good deal, because you can enjoy 50% off, if you buy two cases at the usual price, then the price must be higher than this, so buying Mystery Box not only can get a surprise but also can help you save a lot of money.


Note that because this is a special product, we do not support returns or exchanges. If you've already purchased some cases from GeekShare and don't want to get the same one in this Mystery Box, please let us know in advance by leaving a note (there's a "Add a note for seller" in your cart) so we can arrange another case for you that you didn't get.

We'll make sure the shipping is as fast as possible, and if the distance is short, you'll receive it within 3-5 business days! Just enjoy the surprise Mystery Box brings to you.

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