All Bunny Items Are 20% Off During GeekShare’s Promo

🎉🎁The GeekShare New Year Sale has started and will last until the 23rd, so feel free to participate. We also introduced 🔗recent bunny-related products before, Plush Bunny Protective Case is now sold out, but we opened a pre-order, you can also place an order, and once available, we will give priority to arrange for your delivery. If you don't want to wait, you can also check out today's bunny items.

🔗GeekShare Magic Bunny Mouse Pad

Its main color is purple, a blend of dark and light purple, while the blue serves as an overdose. The inspiration is a claw crane, which is full of bunnies, and the only way to catch a bunny is to lure it with a carrot. This was very effective because a bunny had fallen into the trap.

It comes in different sizes, and you can buy the suitable size according to your needs.

🔗GeekShare Sakura Bunny Mouse Pad

Since it is a sakura theme, the pink color fits the vibe perfectly. With the sakura season in full bloom, the bunny chefs are catching on and cooking sakura desserts, and this harmonious scene is captured and the photos are framed and put into cute frames!

🔗GeekShare Strawberry Bunny Protective Case

"If there was a strawberry hill in the world, that would be the place I would want to go! But no, I can only meet it in my dreams~" said the bunny. But dreaming of eating endless strawberries must also be a sweet dream.

🔗GeekShare Grumpy Bunny Thumb Grips

Unlike Carrot Bunny Thumb Grips, Grumpy Bunny is not cute as it is. "There are three ways of doing things around here: the right way, the wrong way, and the way that I do it". If you dare to mess with a grumpy bunny, then you're ready to be taught a lesson!

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